Natural Organic Fertilizer & Compost Fertilizer for Organic Growing

Nature’s Nutrients is low cost Organic Nutrient Solutions to farmers in the Pacific Northern. Our Nutri-Gro fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer made from organic compost, made from all natural ingredients, and is a healthy soil amendment that, when properly applied, will help with water retention, improve nutrient-holding capacity, and allow for better aeration in all types of soil.

Benefits of our natural fertilizers for organic growing:
  • Nutrient rich and alive with healthy microorganisms that help keep soil thriving and healthy
  • Environmentally friendly – No harmful chemicals or salts
  • High concentrations of nitrogen, calcium, phosphate, and many trace minerals
  • Helps aid plants in disease and insect protection
  • Increased water retention
  • Approved for organic growing

Your plants grow faster and healthier with our organic fertilizers.

Here are some examples of uses for our fertilizers:

Are you wondering “What Is Organic Fertilizer“? Click on the link to learn more. Also see 10 Reasons to Choose Organic.

Our soil amendment fertilizer is available all over the Pacific Northwest. Please call 604-751-5825 or email us at